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Innovative Solutions for Executive Benefits

Innovative Solutions for Executive Benefits

Karr Barth Administrators

The Premier Choice for Non-Qualified Benefit Plans

About Us - Competitive, Effective Benefit Plans

Attracting, motivating and retaining key employees is essential to the success of any corporation. While qualified retirement programs such as 401(k) plans are effective for most employees, IRS limits on contributions and eligible compensation make them less attractive for highly compensated executives. Non-qualified benefit plans can help senior executives and key management talent secure a comfortable retirement in a manner that is cost-effective to their employer.

Karr Barth has been designing, funding and administering non-qualified benefit plans since ERISA was adopted in 1974. Each plan - its benefit structure, funding strategy and administration - is carried out on an individually customized basis. Our clientele includes the full spectrum of American business: from the nation's largest firms to growing entrepreneurships. We develop innovative plan designs to satisfy any corporation's needs.